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Our Student Job Board contains positions of off-campus jobs, on-campus jobs if you're looking for part-time student employment, and professional positions if you may be graduating from ENMU soon or are looking for a full-time job.

The off-campus and professional positions listed in our job board aren't endorsed by ENMU, but are available if you want to work off campus.

Student Job Board

Graduate Assistantships

If you are looking for information for graduate student positions, be sure to check our NeoGov system where all graduate assistant positions are posted by different departments on campus. Every area has different guidelines and requirements for graduate assistantships and these are not organized or publicized by Career Services.

NeoGov Jobs

Instructions for ENMU Students

Be sure to check our instructions page for guidance about what you need to do to qualify for on-campus employment. You have to make sure you fill out a FAFSA and register for classes. All positions on this Student Jobs site do have contact information so you’ll know who to contact if you are interested in a position. The off-campus postings are listed for your convenience; they do not represent an endorsement by the University and do not imply research into the content of the postings. Please use discretion when responding to the postings and research any position before you apply.

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