Applying for Graduation

When you finish your coursework, you will need to apply for graduation to get your degree. When you apply for graduation, you have the option to participate in the commencement ceremonies.

If you are going graduate and do not want to participate in commencement, be sure to indicate that on your graduation application (check "no" for the question "Do you plan to participate Commencement?")

Participating in Commencement

In order to walk in our commencement ceremony, you must apply for graduation during the last semester you’re taking courses at ENMU. Please note: there is no summer Commencement. (If you graduate in the summer, you can choose to participate in either the preceding Spring Commencement or following Fall Commencement as long as you meet the application deadline for your chosen semester).

Be sure to note the application deadlines to make sure you get your paperwork in on time.

Graduating with Honors

You can earn the following academic honors based on your cumulative grade point average (GPA).

Summa cum laude

Students with a cumulative grade point average between 3.850 and 4.000 wear a gold cord during the commencement ceremony.

Magna cum laude

Students with a cumulative grade point average between 3.700 and 3.849 wear a silver cord during the commencement ceremony.

Cum laude

Students with a cumulative grade point average between 3.500 and 3.699 wear a white cord during the commencement ceremony.

Your cumulative GPA is calculated after your final grades have posted.

  • The GPA you have when you apply for graduation does not include the grades for the courses in progress when you submit your application for graduation.
  • However, you may be awarded honors status after commencement (when all your grades have been posted).
  • If you are awarded honors status after your grades have posted, you can request your honors cords to be mailed to you. Contact Student Affairs, 575.562.2221.
  • Your diploma will reflect your honors status automatically (you receive your diploma four-six weeks after the commencement).

Graduation Application Instructions


ENMU Commencement represents the culmination of a student's academic achievement. It is a time of celebration and reflection for students, families, friends, faculty and staff. Our graduation celebration brings together a diverse community to share in the joy of accomplished goals. All ENMU graduates are invited to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Information for Families

Commencement Information for ENMU Students

We have assembled instructions for ENMU graduates including everything from how to wear commencement regalia to photographs, order of procession and information about diplomas.

View graduation day information for graduates >

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