“I wanted to come to ENMU because of the online coursework availability and the fact that they accepted my prior credits from Central New Mexico Community College,” said the Albuquerque resident, who received an Associate of Applied Sciences in Paralegal Studies from CNM.

“After working almost 10 years using my A.A.S., I decided I wanted to advance in both my career and education.”

Mrs. Stanley works as a trade adjustment assistance program administrator at the Workforce Connection, under the Department of Workforce Solutions, where she assists clients in choosing an occupational training goal and during their education.

“One of my clients actually looked into ENMU as a potential school,” Mrs. Stanley said of how she initially heard about ENMU’S B.A.A.S. program. “Now I suggest ENMU to my other clients as well.”


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Mrs. Stanley, who has been employed with the state since an internship at CNM in 1994, has an expected graduation date of 2016.

“I want my degree; whether it helps me in my career doesn't matter to me as much as knowing I earned it,” said the mother, whose son will be completing his associate degree from CNM this summer. “I plan to take him down to ENMU to speak to an advisor as he is interested in the music program for his Bachelor of Arts.

“My family is very supportive of me,” she continued. “I remember when I began my education at CNM, I didn't even know where to begin. My sister literally took me to the admissions office, and told me to ‘stand in that line.’ Then I got to the counter and she came and started the conversation for me.”

Mrs. Stanley’s sister passed away in 2004, so she is “trying to 'pay it forward’ as much as I can.”

“I was a little intimidated to attend a university but the ENMU staff were very helpful and it made it a comfortable transition,” she explained.

“I have enjoyed each course. I especially liked when Dr. Michael Ryan made his lectures available online last term as I was able to grasp some concepts more thoroughly.”

Her goal is to get a Master’s of Education online through ENMU “in order to advance in my current employment and possibly train throughout the state.”

When asked what she would say to potential B.A.A.S. students, the self-proclaimed “huge advocate of education” urged them to, “Do it!”