When I came here for the first time, I remember being scared of the new environment. I soon found the confidence to explore my surroundings.

My first semester, I was reunited with someone I knew from high school, Marissa Tijerina. I had no idea that she would turn out to be one of my coolest friends. In that same semester I met Zech Lucero and Carla Ruiz, Lake Baker and Anthony Paige. At the time in my “Beginning Reporting” class, I had no idea what these friendships would bring.

In spring 2015, I met Katy Ross in “Beginning Television Production.” I also met Taylor Wapaha through mutual friends. We all decided to start doing lunch together. This brought forth a lot of laughter and great memories. We had a strong bond.

Fall 2015 brought me my “Public Relations Cases and Campaigns” people, which lead to friendships with Brooke Williams, Seth Cury, Doreen Chavez and Patricia Duran. We added Lake Baker into the mix, because of our need for coffee.

Spring of 2016 was the first time I held a conversation with Rocio Avitia and Nicole Jasso. It’s different to measure the experiences these people provided. These friendships are what Eastern gave me, besides a college degree. It gave me wonderful people and places to spend time with them.

If I could I would thank each one of these people for helping me have great time here. I won’t forget the time I spent with them. I thank this school for being awesome. Now, I’ve graduated.