For this contest, African American students sign up to educate their peers on their African American cultures. This year, six young women and three young men signed up.

A few things that come with the title of Mr. or Miss Black ENMU is a crown, a sash, a cash prize, scholarship and the opportunity to be invited to all royal events on campus.

Each contestant had to make a poster representing their African American culture and what it meant to them. Some students went out of their way with baking goods, passing out candy and even taking to social media.

Competition was steep, but freshman, Phoebe Green, and junior, Mister Marshall-Cotton, were the two who caught the attention of the student body.

Phoebe Green is from Lubbock, Texas. She is a broadcast journalism major who is excited to share her culture with her peers by “involving myself in as many cultural events as possible.” She has hopes in getting more involved with Multicultural Affairs.

Mister Marshall-Cotton is from California. He is a public relations major who wants to “bring more black awareness to the school campus and try to start more BSU clubs.” He also hopes to bring “African American Greek houses to campus.”

The two were very excited about their win. With their new royalty status, they found themselves with very busy schedules immediately.

They started with the FACES/ Multicultural Fashion show, where they had the opportunity to walk in the show.

This is only the beginning of the many opportunities the two will have!