As a testament to the quality of this program the largest power company in Texas (ONCOR) heavily recruits ENMU graduates. For the last three years, ONCOR has visited the campus of ENMU and conducted on-site interviews of our EET students for possible employment. They visited the campus in early March of 2016 and interviewed 10 junior and senior EET students for positions with their company. Nine of the ENMU EET students were selected to join ONCOR following a two-month internship this summer.

The HSI STEM office, designed to assist STEM majors, helped prepare the EET students for their job interviews as well as assisted with writing their resumes. The STEM office also provides funds for undergraduate students to get hands-on experience in the EET lab.

Lori Brunsen, Robin May and Laurie Jacoby held mock interviews with the students to prepare them for the ONCOR interview process. The EET advisor, Dr. Hamid Allamehzadeh, prepared the students for the interview by asking them technical questions they may encounter.

ONCOR’s manager and recruiter said “all students were fully prepared for their job interview and I was very impressed with their answers during the job interview.”

This relationship with ONCOR is very beneficial to the EET program as it provides about a 90 percent placement rate for the EET graduates from ENMU. ONCOR pays very well with a starting salary of 68K, benefits, a 401k and retirement. According to ONCOR’s manager, the EET graduates will make about 88K within two years and will receive up to $12,000 a year to continue their education and attend graduate school while they are working for the company.

This semester, the ENMU group is working on a solar-powered, voice-activated golf cart. This project was funded by ENMU STEM grant for spring 2016. STEM office staffs, Robin May, Lori Brunsen and Lauri Jacoby, have been providing logistic support for the project.

EET students Aaron Dumars, Alan Garcia, Jinaru Deng, Kevin Krum and Mat Johnson have been working on this project since the beginning of the semester. Initially, they tried to order a golf cart form China, however, due to custom regulations had to cancel the order.

Lee Quick donated his department’s golf cart for this project.

Dr. Allamehzadeh expresses his gratitude to everyone on campus who has assisted the students.

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