While the university had already announced the hiring, the presser served as an introduction to the Lee coaching era, with ENMU president Stephen Gamble and athletic director Greg Waggoner speaking at the event. Lee fielding questions from the attendees as well as giving his blueprint for where the football program is headed.

As the mastermind behind the Greyhounds’ triple-option offense, Lee will continue as the play-caller. When asked if anything different can be expected next season with the offense, he said he simply plans to stay the course.

“No, offensively we will stay the same,” he said. “I would like to hire an offensive line coach as I’ve kind of done OL and quarterbacks, so I’d like to hire someone to take that load off me so I can focus more on the duties of being a head coach.”

As for the rest of the Eastern football coaching staff, things are in the air right now as some current members were looking into opportunities elsewhere. Lee declined to name any specific staff members, as no decisions have been made at this time.

“Right now we are already looking at an offensive line coach,” he said. “That’s priority No. 1. Our staff right now is moving forward, it’s kind of in limbo right now. (There are) definitely people on staff right now that will be retained, but we have some people that have opportunities and need to do what’s best for them, but things should shake out here in the next couple of days.”

When asked about recruiting and if the transition would affect that aspect of the team’s offseason at all, Lee once again commended the university’s administration for moving so quickly. The head coach has already had his current staff start calling recruits, explaining that the team’s philosophy and course are still the same.