Hardin was adopted from India at five-and-a-half months. He grew up in Portales, New Mexico, and was raised by a single mom. Hardin had one sister, also born in India, who passed away in 1999 at the age of 23.

Throughout high school, Hardin was involved with the 4-H program where he showed animals. He “spent most summers working on the farm at the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home.”
After high school, Hardin attended Lubbock Christian University, earning a bachelor’s degree in visual communication. He returned to Portales and achieved his master’s in mass communication at ENMU. He loved that his professors were all supportive. He said, “The staff was all incredibly helpful.” During that time, he taught public speaking as a graduate student. This was the beginning of his teaching career.

Hardin likes Portales because of “the sense of community.” He also appreciates the “small commute to anywhere in Portales” after living in Albuquerque. He currently teaches at three colleges including ENMU, Clovis Community College and Central New Mexico Community College. He enjoys ENMU because he “loves the people he works with.”

Hardin’s passion is acting. He dreams of making it big, even though “it’s a tough industry.” He is signed on with an agency in Albuquerque and is eligible for the Screen Actors Guild.  He is “putting in the work to make things happen” for his future.

In his free time, Hardin plays guitar and posts vocal recordings. He likes to “socialize with the film community when I get the chance.” Music and acting take up a huge part of his life.

His family has always supported him. Even though Hardin’s mom was placed in hospice a few weeks ago, she is still “supportive of his plans.” He said he has “always wanted to pay her back for all she’s done.”

Hardin is now married and starting a family of his own. He and his wife, Cassie, have two dogs. He loves “going on random adventures” with her.

He just finished up an acting project a few weeks ago and is currently working on a few others. “You will have to wait to hear about those,” he said. Hardin has worked in various movies and commercials here and there. He is “working to get more substantial roles and it seems to happen each year.”

Hardin feels passionate about his acting career and will continue to pursue it. “If you have a goal, go for it. It may take time and it will take work, but if you truly have a passion for what you are seeking, keep after it. You will get to where you need to be,” he said.

For now, Hardin is professor, inspiring his many students.

“Overall, ENMU has been a good part of my journey,” Hardin said. “I am happy to be teaching here again.”