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Bryan grew up in Lubbock, Texas, 106 miles from ENMU. After graduating high school, he attended Texas Tech to earn his counseling degree.

He got married and moved to Florida with his wife, where they lived for 10 years.

While there, Dr. Moffitt grew mental health services and agencies in both Florida and Georgia. He attended law school in Jacksonville, Florida.

After he and his wife began having kids, they decided to move back to Lubbock, where Dr. Moffitt took over Family Counseling Services. He has worked toward growing the agency as a “student led clinic for people without the ability to pay much” since 2002.

Dr. Moffitt loves watching his children grow and making memories with them. Last summer, he took his family to Vancouver, Canada, and traveled down the West Coast in an RV. His family’s trips typically consist of hiking and camping. It was “quite an adventure.”

They have taken many trips like this over the years, just getting in the RV and going. “It’s never perfect; There’s always something that happens that makes it interesting,” he said. He wants to make memories for his kids to “remember him by.”

Dr. Moffitt hopes to take more family trips in the future.

In 2012 the professor went back to school for his doctorate in counseling in order to teach at a college level.

Dr. Moffitt graduated in December 2016.

He is happy “getting to do what he has always wanted to do,” which is “running a clinic and teaching at a university,” he said.

Dr. Moffitt loves his students in the counseling program because “they are all really excited to be helping people.”

He described himself as someone who wants to help the world and teaching counseling education students means “being around a lot of people like that.

“Since I’ve done so much throughout my career, I enjoy helping others learn how to be in the business to do that,” Dr. Moffitt said.

Growing up, he learned that many people suffering from mental illness “suffer in silence. They need a group of people that are willing to dedicate their lives to serving others.” Out of his love for people, he decided he wanted to help them “in any way he can.”

His advice to those struggling with mental illness is to seek out help and know they aren’t alone. “Many people want to help,” he said.  Dr. Moffitt also wants them to know “how important it is for them to receive help because they are an important part of our society.”

Dr. Moffitt looks forward to continuing teaching at ENMU and running his clinic.

“I love the campus, I love the people that I got to meet, the administration, and all the people I’ll get to be working with. They have all been kind and welcoming,” he said. “I am blessed to be a part of ENMU.”