Sudent holding degree
David Aguirre, an ENMU student graduating this December, shares his advice on how to make the most of life as a Greyhound Grad.

Graduating soon and freaking out about life after college? I’m about to be a Greyhound Grad, so I understand what you are going through! Check out my list of action steps that will help calm your nerves:

Don’t Stress

An abundance of people asking me what I am doing after I graduate and me responding with hesitation happens often. It seems like many of the graduating seniors I talk to have the same problem. There is so much pressure to give a big answer to people, like your parents, professors, classmates and everyone else you see on a daily basis. Word of advice, don’t stress. Whether you have an answer to the question or not, the sun will still shine tomorrow. Life will go on, and it won’t be the end of the world.

Do Apply

Part of the pressure comes from fear. I have met with friends and close peers that are afraid to step into the real world and won’t apply for jobs. The doubt of not being good enough creeps in and paralyzes confidence. Some are contemplating whether they should go to grad school or not. I say to apply to either grad school or potential jobs, what is the worst that can happen?

Don’t Panic

Trying to keep everything together sometimes feels like holding all your laundry within your arms, and every time you take a step, a sock falls from underneath. The worst part of it all is trying to pick up the sock while another piece of clothing drops. Life might be treating you like nothing is working but don’t panic. Roll with the punches and keep moving forward. You got this.

Do Plan Ahead

Planning is good. It is helpful to have a plan even if there is no clear path after graduation. You can brainstorm ideas for your next steps you wouldn’t usually find if you didn’t put some thought into it. Also creating a backup plan will keep you focused and will help you to move on to the next plan if the first one doesn’t work.

Don’t Settle for Less

I know that at this point senioritis is kicking in and the thought of another assignment will make you throw up. But finish school strong. Don’t settle for mediocracy and start heading toward a downward slope. Be the best student you can be. Don’t settle for less. I know you can do it.

Do Feel Accomplished

Give a moment to yourself and treat yourself. You have completed college, and you should feel accomplished. Celebrate with friends and family and be happy. All of your hard work has paid off, and now you can sit for a moment and enjoy all of your accolades.