Carley Graham, an ENMU student, shares her tips on how to make the most of the summer semester.
Carley Graham, an ENMU student, shares her tips on how to make the most of the summer semester.

Summer school. Where it seems everyone is out sitting by the pool, and you're headed to class or studying. Summer school semesters are typically shorter than the fall or spring semesters. This means a lot more information and test are crammed into a smaller period of time.

Here's a list of a few things to motivate you through summer school:

  1. Go treat yourself! Right now. If you are feeling overwhelmed, go grab yourself a treat. Do Drop In has the best cake, Roosevelt's Brewery has the best cupcakes and Pat's Drive Through has the best shakes and malts. This is the first thing I do if I have school-induced stress.
  2. Go to the dog park/spend time with your pet. Go outside and play fetch with you dog or snuggle your cat. It is proven animals can reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  3. Change locations. It's summer! Go hang out by the pool and take your study notes or textbook. Sounds lame, but I've tried it and it makes studying a little better.
  4. Pace your reading, studying and assignments. Since summer school is a faster pace than the fall or spring semesters, get your syllabus the first week of class and schedule your studying, assignments and reading for the summer semester.
  5. Study with friends that are in your classes. Get together, order some pizza and study or discuss the class material together. This way, you still get to have a good time meeting together and you are able to get some of your schoolwork done as well.
  6. Eat well. Eating nothing but junk food will sound good at the time, but it's going to make you tired and sluggish. You need energy to continue working, like healthy protein, fruit and lots of water!
  7. Remember the big picture. Yes, summer school isn't always fun, but you will be closer to reaching your goal of graduating by taking more classes now. You will be one or two classes closer to starting your career!
  8. Take structured schoolwork breaks. If you know you have a ton of reading or studying to do that day, do not let your ENTIRE day be just studying or reading. Your brain needs a break, too! I like to read a certain amount and then take a 20-30 minute Netflix break. This way, I can still get my work done, but I also get to watch an episode of my favorite show.
  9. Exercise! Take a break and go on a walk or head to the gym. If you spend your entire summer caged up in your apartment studying or reading for your summer classes your body will feel sluggish and tired.  Even just taking a walk around the block can refresh your mind and get you ready to get back to your coursework.
  10. Try to enjoy your summer! Don't let school take over every single second of your summer. Summer is typically a time when friends and family have more time away from work. Spend time with them and maintain those important relationships.

I hope these motivation tips can be helpful for you this summer semester. Remember, it is a shorter semester, so try to adjust your mindset, get your work done and have some fun this summer.