The Speck Family. Front Row (L-R): Laura, Adelaide and George. Back Row (L-R): Steve, Greg, Jim and Mike.
The Speck Family. Front Row (L-R): Laura, Adelaide and George. Back Row (L-R): Steve, Greg, Jim and Mike.

Meet the Specks, who have had several members of their family attend Eastern New Mexico University. In part one, Greyhound Grads from the family discuss their time at ENMU and which degrees they earned.

Describe your experience at ENMU

Mike: The smaller college community allowed for the development of stronger and closer relationships with instructors and classmates. The relationships with the faculty allowed me to work my 24 hours on and 48 hours off fulltime schedule with the Portales Fire Department and still attend classes at ENMU. 

Jim: I had a great time at ENMU. My three best friends were in all my science classes. The Chemistry Department was awesome especially Dr. John Kenny and Inga Kenny. Cheerleading was a blast, and it made it easier to meet other gay students. My best friend’s mother worked in the Placement Office, and she referred me to an open teaching position at Dalhart High School. Dr. Salter gave me a greater understanding of math and how to prove many of the algebraic algorithms.

George: Most professors and staff were very helpful, and some became friends.

Adelaide: A wonderful experience, especially as an older student.

Greg: Good experience, made many new friends and one even became my wife. Professors were inspiring and knowledgeable. There were many activities in which to participate and enjoy.

Steve: I liked the smaller classes. I feel like I received better one-on-one attention. The professors were always helpful.

Laura: When I started my master’s degree, I worked as a graduate assistant in the Educational Department. My mentor/supervisor was Dr. George Mehaffy, the dean of the department in the early ’80s. He was truly my role model at ENMU. He assigned me to organize and manage an NCATE evaluation, which we passed with flying colors. The faith and dedication he had were amazing. This was one of my greatest life growing experiences at ENMU.

What degree(s) did you earn at ENMU?


  • Bachelor of Science - 1980 Endorsements: Physical Education, Health, Biology, General Science  
  • Masters of Education – 1993 School Administration

Jim: Bachelor of Science in Education -1987. Major in Mathematics for Secondary Education and minor in Chemistry

George: BBA. Production Management -1985 MBA

Adelaide: BUS (Bachelor of University Studies) Mass Communications -1998

Greg: Major Accounting and Administration- 1986

Steve: Major Education -1991 Minor Business and Minor in Math


  • Bachelor of Science in Education (Health & Physical Education & Business Education) -1980
  • Master’s in Education (Elementary Education) Endorsement: Technology in Education 1985

Which activities were you involved in at ENMU?


  • 1974 baseball.
  • 1974-1980 Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.
  • 1977-1980 Volunteer and full-time Fire and Ambulance for Portales Fire Departments.
  • Participated in Intra fraternity council.
  • Officiated for ENMU intramurals.


  • Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.
  • Cheerleader for three years.
  • Math and chemistry tutor in the Campus Learning Center.
  • 1987 Spring Dance Show.

George: Presidents Council.


  • Program Secretary.
  • KENW (PBS).

Greg: Intramural Sports.


  • I was in the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.
  • Intermural sports.

Laura: Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Why did you choose ENMU?

Mike: I received a scholarship from Eastern during a high school talent day, with encouragement to go out for the baseball team. They dropped baseball after the fall of 1974. ENMU was also convenient and affordable.

Jim: Because of location; I was raised in Portales. Plus, I got to live at home with an indoor pool and all my older siblings had moved out. 

George: Location

Adelaide: Our family lived in Portales.

Greg: I grew up in Portales, and ENMU had a good reputation for business degrees.

Steve: I grew up in Portales, and it was convenient. I knew they had a good education program.

Laura: The strong business and educational programs at ENMU.

Stay tuned for part two of the Speck interview, which will be published on Jan. 9, 2019.