The “Everybody Likes Pizza” singer’s 30 music videos have over 60,000 combined views on YouTube. He also has more than 10,000 iTunes downloads.

“When someone downloads my music, that is pretty cool,” he explained. “I got one in Turkey the other day. They come from all over the world.”

Mason has three children's books based on his songs. One book and the song associated with it, both titled “Smile,” raised $10,000 for Smile Train, paying for 40 kids to have cleft palette surgery.

He recently released “Music for People Big and Small,” available at

His favorite part of the music industry is traveling to perform between 100 to 200 concerts per year; he has played in Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, England, Iceland, Canada, Mexico and all over the United States.

Mason will be touring in New Mexico and Texas all summer, performing over 55 concerts for families and kids. Tour dates are available on his website:


He has run Andy Mason Music since May 2007.

“Going self-employed was the best thing I ever did. I work hard, but I work when I want and how I want.”

Mason’s job duties include writing, recording, performing, booking, promotion, driving, being an organizer, handling logistics and running his website.

The most challenging part of his position is booking.

“I'd love to have an agent book for me and take a percentage of the booking fee... anybody?”

The performer, who grew up in Santa Fe, earned a bachelor’s in English with a minor in Spanish from ENMU in 2004.

The choice to attend Eastern was a “no brainer” because he lived in Portales at the time.

He attended from 1993-94 and from 2000-05.

“I taught ESL in Peru and found the students had questions I couldn't answer, so I thought I better get a degree.”

During his time at ENMU, he participated in the education program and received a New Mexico Teaching License. He went to Mexico for one month to take classes and study Spanish.

Mason sang in the ENMU choir, performing at the Lensic Theatre in Santa Fe.

One of the plays he wrote was performed in the Black Box.

He won the equivalent of Eastern's Got Talent in 2005, while working on a master's degree.

His other extracurricular activities during college included Relay for Life, intramural sports, swimming, volunteering and playing music.


“I loved my time at ENMU,” said Mason. “While I was focusing on getting my degree in English, I also took a bunch of music and choir classes. It really allowed my love for music to grow.”

The musician’s career goals are to win a Grammy, get interviewed on a late night talk show and perform the Super Bowl half-time concert.

His hobbies include sleeping, tennis, ice hockey, skiing, busking, walking, running, biking and playing in the park with his kids.

Mason and his wife, Anne, have three children: two girls (one 24, one two weeks) and a boy (18 months).