Last February, Bree’Anna Lucero moved to Dallas where she is working as a personal trainer. She says she has always had a need for adventure, especially after living in a small town her whole life.

Bree’Anna graduated from ENMU in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree is criminal justice. She finished her degree, but still had the desire to pursue something that already fit into her active lifestyle and comes naturally to her.

While her final volleyball season as a senior was coming to an end, bikini competitions had always been on her horizon.

“I had always wanted to see what my body was capable of. After my last game, I knew competing was my next move,” said Bree’Anna.

For the last two years, Bree’Anna has competed and placed in several fitness and bikini competitions. Previously, she has held the Ms. Model New Mexico 2015 title.

Last June, she competed at Fitness Universe in Miami, taking home the prestigious title of Ms. Model Universe 2016.

“It was the icing on the cake! I didn’t go in expecting to win, but prepared to deliver the best package possible!” said Bree’Anna. She says that she just let loose and had fun.

Her parents even made the journey to Miami to support her, and to celebrate her win. “At first [when I entered bikini competitions] my parents were hesitant, but they soon fell in love with it as much as me,” said Bree’Anna.

Her coach, Aaron Zambrano, a highly sought fitness competition coach, helps with all of her nutritional and posing needs leading up to her competitions. Having Aaron on her side has been nothing short of a blessing.

The greatest challenges she faces are preparing food for "on the go," and restraining from comfort foods during prep occasionally.

“As a personal trainer, it can be a challenge, but I find that it’s all about balance. Even in your lowest moments, you have to pull it together and be that inspiring and energetic support system that client needs,” said Bree’Anna.

Preparing for competitions isn’t always just hard work—fun and creativity also encompass an exciting part of being on stage. Bree’Anna competes in two categories: model and bikini, which require her to choose or create attire to pose in to be judged.

For her last competition at Fitness America in November, she designed her very own Mockingjay theme wear by gathering the idea from the movie "Hunger Games." She was able to brainstorm, purchase the material, and create her entire outfit from scratch.

At Fitness America in Las Vegas, she placed 2nd in Bikini and 4th in Model. Although placing 1st is the goal, being placed top 5 in the world is a remarkable feat.

Bree’Anna loves every aspect of competing. “It's an individual challenge that you work so hard for. It's quite a journey both physically and mentally, but I feel it helps your spiritual growth, as well,” she said.

Fitness competitions aren’t just about winning money or a trophy. It’s about taking yourself to the next level in all aspects of life. The discipline it takes to compete can be utilized in all areas of life.

Bree’Anna says she wants sponsors who can represent her and whom she can represent as well. “I can’t jump on board with a sponsor just for the money. I have to be passionate and care about it,” she said.

This year, she hopes to defend her title as Ms. Model Universe, earn her Bikini Pro Card, and inspire others to step out of their comfort zone. She would like to see different parts of the world and compete in an international show. Her eyes are currently set on Columbia.

She says enthusiastically, “I want to go as far as I can go. I want to be the elite athlete that I know I am capable of being and be the best version of myself as possible. This sport is not just about competing against others, it’s about competing against yourself and beating your previous best with each competition."

In the midst of competing, she enjoys helping people. Bree’Anna is passionate about transforming people’s lives through personal training.

One of her clients came to her while in a rough point in their life with the hope of making drastic changes. After working on altering her lifestyle, the client made a remarkable transformation and exceeded her goals before the original date.

Bree’Anna explained, “I feel God has blessed me in my mission to show people that there are no limits in life, and being the best version of you is more attractive than trying to be someone you’re not. You have to do what makes you happy in life and spread the light. Life is too short to wonder what if? The only person you have to prove anything to, is yourself.”

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