She dedicated the book to “every child on the planet and to the inner child within us all.”

Cheri, who grew up in Portales, hopes the book is inspirational to everyone.

Her husband, Ken Herring, is also an ENMU graduate.  Cheri was a cheerleader and Chi Omega; he was a Greyhound football and baseball player, eventually coaching for the much-publicized Odessa, Texas, Permian Panthers, which eventually became the topic of H. G. Bissinger's bestselling book Friday Night Lights. 

This was eventually a springboard for his future career as a high school football coach and athletic director, “which explains why we relocated several times during our many years in public education in Texas.”

In the book’s acknowledgments, Cheri writes, “I thank God for allowing me to be an infinitesimal part of this magnificent garden we call Earth for seventy years and for surrounding me with His purest teachers, our children.

Cheri writes that “becoming truly authentic has been my life’s quest…Freedom to be and to share oneself wholeheartedly often requires courage in the face of fear.

“I believe God creates ultimate tests to get us out of our comfort zone when He knows we are capable of giving more than we have the courage to give.”

Cheri says “when we can become grateful for the life we have lived and when we can become courageous enough to share our strengths and vulnerabilities, we just might make the world a better place in our own unique way. If we allow ourselves the time to become still and receptive to our Higher Power, we might find ourselves having a spiritual adventure beyond the world of reason.”

The 118-page book retails for $3.99 for the Kindle e-version, $11.99 in paperback and $28.95 in hardcover.

One-hundred percent of net profits go to UNICEF.

The book is available on at:

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